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Pest management training:

Pest IT Pty. Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of training packages for its clients and members of the pest management, food services, hospitality, government and grain business sectors. These training packages include DVD, group, on-site custom training. Our extensive range of modern training packages are available or custom training packages may be compiled to meet your specifications. Existing training packages are:

DVD Training
Group Training
On-Site Training
Custom Training

DVD Training

Pests on the Menu - The Sequel
Every week, millions of people buy food from outlets such as restaurants, cafes and takeaways. They expect the food to be inviting and taste good and indeed are entitled to demand that the food be safe and wholesome. But is it?

That is the question posed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health’s (CIEH) long established training film Pests on the Menu, which has been the standard pest control training tool for many food trainers.


This DVD explains how pests spread food-borne illnesses and what the consequences are. It also sets out simple steps that can be taken to minimise the risks from pests in food premises. The National Pest Advisory Panel of the CIEH has now updated the program with new and dramatic footage of flies and birds, as well as a greatly expanded section on preventative measures.

In response to requests from many food trainers the updated version is available as a single DVD in English with soundtracks in Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Gujarati, Hindi, Kurdish, Punjabi, Somali, Turkish and Urdu. The program runs for 13 minutes.

Bird Management Installation DVD

Bird Barrier expands upon its reputation as the leading technical resource in bird control with the release of its new Product Installation DVD. Learn how to install: Bird-Barrier Spikes, Bird-Shock Flex-Track, StealthNet, Bird-Coil and Birdwire. Each section starts with an overview of where to use the product. Clear diagrams explain spacing and other specifications. The DVD then proceeds to demonstrate all aspects of product installation.

Bird Barrier believes this DVD is an excellent tool for both installers and sales people as it clearly demonstrates what it takes to get the job done. A team could spend an hour together watching this DVD and would leave with ample confidence to find, sell and install successful bird control. For each product the DVD proves a professionally narrated clear and well lit video outlining:

  • Where to use
  • Spacing diagrams
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Time-saving tips

Become a bird control expert in less than 60 minutes!



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Group Training

Business of Bird Management

Birds are intelligent creatures and can overwhelm a bird exclusion job if the correct deterrent system is not used. Many bird control jobs fail simply because the installer does not understand the pest bird they are fighting or because the wrong product is chosen or incorrectly installed. There is a lot more to bird management than using just one product to solve every problem. The general public is no longer willing to endorse the killing of pest birds; they are looking for humane solutions to their problems. You will learn these solutions in “The Business of Bird Management”.

This training course is available as a half or one day module and is designed to help you become successful in the growing field of bird management and covers topics including:

  • Bird biology and behaviour
  • Permanent, non-lethal products to solve any bird problem
  • Which products are effective against different species of pest birds
  • Analysing a site to select the correct products for each problem area
  • Quoting, selling and contracting bird work with total confidence
  • Sales and marketing techniques to increase your profit and sales in bird management

This popular training module is PestCert accredited and is regularly held throughout Australia . If you are interested in participating, please register your interest with our office.

Biology of Bird Management

The biology and behavioural characteristics of birds impact upon pest bird management in numerous ways. Understanding this firstly helps us understand why it is that some birds are able to become such pest species, and secondly aids in the development of ways to limit these birds’ ability to become a nuisance. The biology and behaviour of birds determines how bird management is conducted. Understanding the biology and behaviour of birds greatly assists those individuals and companies involved in practicing bird management. This one hour training module is PestCert accredited.

Business of Fly Management

As with many aspects of pest management, flying insect control plays a significant role in the processes of the food services and production industry. Flying insects create a nuisance and spread disease. Their presence in food production and service areas cannot and should not be tolerated. This module has been designed for pest managers who are involved in commercial pest management, specialising in the hospitality, health care and food service industries. Topics include flying insect identification, biology, and various management strategies. This is available as either a one or two hour module.

Modern Pest Management Practices

Modern pest management has come a long way from the early days of crude practices in pest control that are no longer acceptable to the food services industry or community at large. Modern pest management practices centre around low impact, reduced hazard and more environmentally sound services in keeping with client and regulatory requirements. This module discusses new key performance indicators (KPIs) that have become more prevalent in recent years with pest managers incorporating client education, client interactive design processes, service bar-coding, insect monitoring, reporting systems, independent pest audits and the use of the latest product technologies . This is available as a one and two hour module.

Pest Awareness for the Food Industry

Pest Awareness is a new course to be offered in Australia for the pest management, food services and food production industries. This course has been designed in conjunction with Pest IT Pty. Ltd. and the technical department of the Killgerm Group. The presenter of the course will be Peter McCarthy who has been involved in the pest management industry for over 15 years.

This half day course has been designed for those individuals needing a basic knowledge of food related pests and their control. This course has been designed for HACCP auditors, food industry specialists, hygiene managers, quality assurance managers and members of the pest management industry.  Pest Awareness looks at over 30 pests from 6 major groups including flies, stored product pests, nuisance pests, cockroaches, rodents and birds. 

We will discuss the significance, origins, life cycles, habits, biology, food related hazards and the management of each pest.  Control techniques, hazard analysis, personal safety and risk management issues will also be included.  A comprehensive colour pest management reference publication will also be supplied to all attendees.

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On-site Training

On-site training is where a member of our qualified team trains pest management companies on-site. Generally, this involves the installation of StealthNet or other forms of bird management systems. We provide the training, supervision, tools and the guideless to ensure that the installation is completed professionally and efficiently. The “hands on” nature of this training is excellent for new and experienced members of the bird management industry. You will learn how to plan and complete the installation as well as instruction in the safe use of the latest tools and equipment. Professional tuition on the job will eliminate some of the trial and error associated with the installation of sophisticated bird management systems. Contact Pest IT Pty. Ltd. for more details.

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Custom Training

Pest IT Pty. Ltd. has more than thirty different training programs, over and above the listed modules. We are happy to modify these or create specific training programs for pest management related topics for the food production, grain and government sectors. We look forward to hearing from you regarding your specific requirements.

Please enquire regarding different certifications and accreditations available for the various Pest IT Pty Ltd training courses.

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