Myna Magnet Trapping

Prior to assembling and using your trap free feeding the Mynas for a week or so to encourage them is highly recommended. A piece of light coloured plastic or a large plate with the food should be placed in a position where you plan to trap.
Myna Magnet
Myna Magnet
The trap comes flat packed in one large carton, with a separate carton containing all your accessories.
Myna Magnet Cartons
Assembly is easy, just follow the comprehensive instructions supplied with the trap. The instructions should be read carefully before trapping begins. The trap is NOT an attractant for Mynas, however it will very successfully trap Mynas once they have been encouraged to use the feed supplied within the trap.
Myna Magnet Assembly is easy
The base cage is brown and has two brown perches.
Myna Magnet Base Cage
The upper cage is green and has a single green perch and a mesh floor with two holes. It also has a sheet metal cover, a shade cloth wrap and two plastic food/water dishes, all will require fitting. Two Fuzzle valves will require fitting as well.
Myna Magnet Upper Cage
The two Fuzzle valves will need to have the internal springs fitted as per the instructions
Myna Magnet Fuzzle Valves
The two valves then need to be fitted over the two circular holes in the floor of the top cage.
Myna Magnet Fitting the Valves
The walk-ins need to be assembled as per the instructions. Do not fit yet.
Myna Magnet walk-ins
Assembled and in the free feeding position the top cage will sit at 45 degrees to the bottom cage. No walk-ins should be fitted during free feeding. Mynas entering the bottom cage can exit through the walk-in cutouts or through the open corners. Keep disturbances and interferences to a minimum during free feeding as you are actually training the birds to use the trap.
Myna Magnet Free Feeding Mode

Assembled in the trapping position the top cage will sit directly over the bottom cage. The Valves should be placed over the top perch. The walk-ins are now fitted to prevent larger birds access and to deter Mynas from leaving the bottom cage. The Mynas will tend to attempt to escape by the corners as they did during free feeding but will find the only way out is through the Fuzzle valves into the top cage.

Water and food should be provided in the top cage to make the Mynas as comfortable as possible. This will avoid any distress calls and allow more Mynas to enter the trap.
Myna Magnet Trapping Mode
The traps are ideally operated in a 7-8 day cycle, free feeding with just the base cage for 2 days, free feeding with the top cage at 45 degrees for 3 days and finally the trapping mode for 1 or 2 days.
The cycle can then begin again.
Disposal of Birds  
Gassing the birds with Carbon Dioxide within the large bag provided is the best method of bird disposal. It is humane and is approved by the RSPCA.  
Place the top cage into the Gassing bag making sure the top is secured reasonably tightly. Myna Magnet Disposal of birds Myna Magnet disposal of birds
Place the gassing hose through the top of the bag and down the side of the bag to the bottom of the cage.
Inject Carbon Dioxide flow into the bag for 4-6 minutes.
Myna Magnet disposal of birds


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