First up Success at Trapping Indian Mynas for Mugga Lane Cattle Stud Owners

Des Owens, owner of the Mugga Lowline Stud, Mugga Lane in Canberra, was despairing at seeing his native birds bullied and banished from around his property homestead by Indian Mynas. Looking at the limited options available Des purchased a Mynamagnet Indian Myna trap, and set about deploying it with the notion of removing some of these unwanted invaders from his property. Over a 10 day period with a little help from the Mynamagnet's manufacturers, Des worked out the best position for the trap and proceeded to employ the regime outlined in the instructions. Tempting the birds to the trap was initially difficult because of the abundance of food around the property. (Hand feeding cattle and the presence of a large hen house). Eventually a position in the cattle yards was chosen and a diet of watermelon and Hills Science Diet Kitten food (see photo) was deemed best along with a daily supply of  fresh water! Sunday the 22nd of October and the trap was set to "capture" mode at 6.30am. By 12 Midday it was decided that there was not enough food left on the ground to tempt any more birds into the trap, and there probably was not enough room left in the top cage for any more birds.
After collection, Des had 19 Indian Mynas and 12 Starlings to dispose of! After clearing the trap, it was reset and checked on Monday morning, another 10 Mynas and 3 Starlings. Tuesdays catch was 6 Mynas.
Five days later, and another 20 Mynas have been caught!
The total catch for the trapping cycle is:
55 Indian Mynas
15 Starlings

Top cage with 19 mynas and 12 starlings

The top cage with 19 mynas and 12 Starlings captured.

The initial catch

The initial catch.


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