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FREE Offer. Receive a FREE Demi-Diamond™ for stored product moth – Ephestia/Plodia

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PestWest fly units continue to set the standard for quality, performance and value.

Check out the new Sundew Mirage™.

Bird Barrier

Manufacturers of new bird Barrier Spikes - now available in stock.

New postcards and promotional material available to help grow your business.

Your specialist supplier of commercial pest products and services.
Myna Magnet Indian Myna Traps
The Mosquito Slayer
Coming soon - a new generation of trapping systems for Mosquitos and Biting midge.



  Spring Issue

Welcome to the Spring 2006 issue of the Pest IT InTouch Newsletter. Winter is behind us all and with the warmer weather comes a busy Spring. There is so much exciting news that we can hardly contain ourselves. Here is what’s new at Pest IT:

New office, training and show room for Pest IT
New products
New contact details
New Myna Magnet competition
FREE functions and training sessions
FREE offers and more

  New head office and training facility for Pest IT

PestIT's new head office and training facility

The beginning of Spring is an exciting time with the opening of our new office and training facility in Southern Sydney. The new facility will allow our valued clients to visit and see our extensive range of professional equipment in the showroom.

This new hands-on approach will also allow us to offer new, innovative and FREE training sessions on a regular basis.  We look forward to seeing you here soon.


  New Contact Details

Please note our new street address and fax number:

Street address: Level 1, 33-35 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah

Postal Address: PO Box 358 Cronulla, NSW 2229

Phone: 1300 66 56 57

Fax: 1300 66 56 17


Web site:

  FREE training and functions

With the opening of our new facility, we plan to celebrate. We will be holding an open day at our new training facility offering free training that will commence from 4pm, followed by a cocktail party at 6pm.

Topics include:
The business of bird management – Michael Harband
Flying insect science – Peter McCarthy
Avian Influenza and its impact on Australia – Dr Sali Bache

Venue: Pest IT Training Facility, Caringbah

Date: Tuesday 14th November, 2006

Training Time: 4 – 6pm

Cocktail Party Time: 6 – 7pm

RSVP: 1300 66 56 57 essential (seats are limited)

We will also demonstrate new products such as Myna Magnet, Mosquito Slayer and others. RSVP is essential as seats are very limited. We welcome you to join us for the training and/or cocktail party – or both! We look forward to seeing you there.

  New Products to boost our extensive range

Sundew Mirage™ is an innovative and exciting discrete fly unit. Designed to be wall mounted, the Sundew Mirage™ is ideal for cafés, restaurants and hospitality areas where discretion is the key. As an added bonus the unit has an energy saving Lynx 13watt lamp and a 12v low voltage plug. The product and information brochure is now available.

Sundew Mirage
Mirage Pro VS is designed for larger hospitality areas where greater attraction and catching capacity are required. The Mirage Pro VS is powered by two 25 watt attractive Quantum BL UV lamps. The fly catch is hidden from view, making the high powered Mirage Pro VS the ultimate choice for flying insect control in larger food service and hospitality areas.

Titan 300 is a quality fly killer designed specifically for catering establishments and is ideal for use in garbage rooms, loading docks and manufacturing facilities. This competitively priced and high-powered unit, incorporates the Quantum BL UV lamps that are shatter proof and offer extended UV output.


Titan 300
Demi-Diamond Starter Pack is a new pack size for the very popular trapping system for stored product moth and fruit fly (Drosophila Sp.). If you’re looking for a cost effective and modern approach in this area, the Demi-Diamond is a great place to start.
Demi-Diamond Starter Pack
Tripple Aqua 20L is an organically derived hospital grade cleaner, germicide, disinfectant and sanitiser – perfect for cleaning bird droppings prior to commencing work. This not only helps to eliminate the nasty mess and odour of bird droppings, but significantly reduces disease potential and risk on the site.
 Tripple Aqua 20L
  • 100% natural disinfectant
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally safe
  • Kills bacteria on contact
  • Controls odour

Mosquito Slayer is the latest addition to the Pest IT range. Sold in 65 countries around the world, this unique and effective Australian invention is the shining light in mosquito trapping. Designed to trap nuisance and disease carrying mosquitos as well as biting midges, Mosquito Slayer is well suited to both domestic and commercial situations. Vector management is a growing market for pest managers to consider.


Mosquito Slayer
  Postcards - Proof is in the results

The results are in - We are now being inundated with success stories from pest managers using the Bird Barrier and PestWest postcards. Your only challenge is to find a creative way to get them to the decision makers of existing and potential clients.

Examples of successful campaigns include:

  • Using your local chamber of commerce to send out your postcards. This is extremely cost effective and results have been impressive.
  • Purchasing a list of architects, builders, food production facilities and other targets for a business development direct mail campaign.

The above have proven to be extremely successful. However, sending postcards out with your invoices and proposals still remains a low cost and simple measure to create interest with existing customers.

Don’t have any personalised postcards, or need more?
Feel free to call 1300 66 56 57.

  Competition - Myna Magnet

Introducing the Great Myna Magnet Competition.

We have recently received several reports of successful Indian myna trapping programs from pest managers in Sydney, rural and coastal NSW, QLD and other regions. A Sydney pest manager reported a successful trapping of 25 Myna’s over a short period. And from Tamworth 9, followed by 6 the next day. Other impressive campaigns have trapped 600 in ACT and up to 90 birds in the one backyard.

Who has the most myna’s in a trap?

Grab your camera and send us photos or a video of your catch. The most Myna’s caught in a trap at one time during this Spring wins. Major prize – one FREE Myna Magnet for the most Indian myna’s. There will also be a series of special consolation prizes.

Myna Magnets are now available. For more details and technical information, contact us on 1300 66 56 57. New brochure now available.

Click here to read the NEW Myna Magnet brochure >>

  Winter Trade Shows and Conferences 2006

Winter was an extremely busy time for the Pest IT team (hence, no time for a Winter edition of Pest IT In Touch – sorry).

We are firmly committed to developing brand awareness of our core brands in Australia – Killgerm, PestWest, Bird Barrier, Myna Magnet and Mosquito Slayer. To assist you, our client, we displayed our products at catering, hospitality, architect, building, construction, and food production exhibitions, conferences and trade fairs. Our hope is to ensure YOUR clients are aware of the quality, benefits and features of our range of products so as to facilitate and compliment your sales efforts. We now have members of the architect, building, construction, warehouse, utility, transport, Defence, government and other sectors asking for and specifying these products by name.

We also exhibited our extensive range at industry exhibitions including FAOPMA/AEPMA, RAPID Solutions and Mosquito Control Association of Australia (MCAA). FAOPMA was a big occasion for us as we not only hosted representatives from our international suppliers and manned our 12 meter display, but our very own Dr Sali Bache was a key note speaker at the conference. Sali discussed the serious impacts that Avian Influenza may have on the Australian pest industry as well as its effects on Australian businesses and the community in general. Her presentation was very well received and notes of Sali’s talk are available on request. Also at FAOPMA we launched the products listed above as well as showing a sneak preview of what’s to come in the future.

  In The News

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  New PestWest link

Don’t forget, our new Australian PestWest web site is now available. Here you will find technical information, product specifications and brochures to support your UV light unit sales – please visit

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