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Killgerm manufactures the outstanding AF Range™ of rodent and insect management hardware.

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PestWest fly units continue to set the standard for quality, performance and value.

New brochures and postcards available to support our valued clients.

Bird Barrier

Manufacturers of new bird Barrier Spikes - now available in stock.

New postcards and promotional material available to help grow your business.

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  Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all, we wish you all the best for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2006. The heat and humidity of the Australian summer has well and truly kicked in with pest populations on the move in all areas. There is plenty of news on all fronts from Pest IT – product profiles, marketing initiatives, technical articles and new products.

In 2006 we will continue to include information in our newsletter relating to our pest management regulatory, marketing, installation and product expertise. Please review In Touch as we are confident that there is information important to all Australian pest managers.

  Technical Article

Keeping Food Safe - The pest manager’s role in food safety
Dr.Sali Bache

Each year 5.4 million Australians are estimated to suffer from food poisoning. Contaminated food causes approximately 18,000 hospitalisations and 120 deaths in Australia every year. Standards for the preparation, handling and storage of foods apply Australia wide. Professional pest managers need to assist their clients both to be aware of the relevant food standards that apply to pest control in food services and production areas, and to share responsibility with their client for meeting these standards.

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  Marketing your business with postcards

Using postcards to build your business

PostcardsIn recent years, a number of our clients have conducted a successful series of targeted campaigns to build their business in commercial pest management.

A direct mail campaign is fundamental in gaining name recognition and awareness in your service portfolio for your service area. You can use our professionally designed postcards to introduce your business to new customers or offer a new service (bird and fly management) to existing clients.

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  Special Offer for March 2006

Personalised postcards with your March 2006 purchases

Now is the time to start promoting your bird or fly management services to ensure you and your technicians are busy during winter/spring. YES, its time to start now! We have printed a series of colour postcards and with each purchase Pest IT will overprint your company details and a special offer to promote your business. Alternatively, you may wish to purchase the postcards in 1000 lots for larger campaigns. Contact Pest IT Pty. Ltd. on 1300 66 56 57 for details.

Killgerm FREE Offer

Order AF Rat Boxes in March 2006 and receive AF Advanced Mouse Boxes FREE. Now is the ideal time to experience these advanced forms of rodent management devices – Just in time for the rodent season. Contact Pest IT Pty. Ltd. on 1300 66 56 57 for details.

  Product Profile – Demi-Diamond™ traps

Demi-Diamond Trap
We are receiving excellent reports from the field this season for Demi-Diamond™ traps

Reports on the effectiveness of Demi-Diamond™ traps for both monitoring and controlling small populations of fruit flies (Drosophila) and stored product moths (Ephestia/Plodia Sp.) have been very encouraging. Pictured left is a Demi-Diamond™ trap with the moth glueboard pheromone matrix covered in Ephestia interpunctella and Plodia cautella caught in a matter of weeks. Many pest managers representing hundreds of facilities Australia-wide have found that this new device has been effective and saved significant costs when compared to larger moth pots. For only a few dollars you can use these traps for monitoring in food services and production areas, as well as domestic pantries.

  Myna Magnet

Myna Magnet to be launched in March 2006

Finally, the Myna Magnet traps will arrive in Australia at the end of March. We would like to thank the many pest managers waiting for this exciting new product for their patience. There are still some traps available in the first shipment, but be quick as they won’t last long. Myna Magnet is the first REAL tool for the population reduction and eradication of destructive Indian mynas and European starlings. For more details and technical information, contact us on 1300 66 56 57.

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  Noah's Tool Time

Cordless Net Ring Tool

We recently added a Cordless Net Ring Tool to our range of products. After using this on several installations during training days, we see this as an ideal tool for small to medium net jobs. Being cordless, there is no need for compressors and hoses. This tool is also streets ahead of using the dreaded (and sometimes unreliable) hand net ring tool. The battery will power the discharge of 1000+ net rings, and a spare battery (optional extra) can be on stand-by if needed. There is still no substitute to the air powered pneumatic net ring tool for the big installations, but this handy tool will have its place for the professional net installer.

Cordless Net Ring Tool
Cordless Net Ring Tool

We have a full range of tools available to purchase separately, or in kit form (net ring tools, nail guns, cable cutters, crimping tools, etc) with net rings and pins - SAVE $$$$.

  Industry Events

FAOPMA 2006, 26-29th July 2006 Brisbane

The Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association invites you to attend the FAOPMAustralia Conference in July 2006 and can assure you of a great conference and a memorable time. Brisbane is the ideal place for the FAOPMA Conference. This conference will combine the annual AEPMA National Conference and the FAOPMA International Conference. As well as a great location AEPMA also have planned an exceptional conference for all delegates. Internationally renowned speakers will present on termites, vector control, rodents, Red Imported Fire Ants plus other subjects that you as a pest manager will need to know.

See http://www.faopmaustralia.org/ for details.

Pest IT will have a very strong presence at FAOPMA 2006 with displays by Pest IT, Killgerm, PestWest and Bird Barrier. This will be your first opportunity to see new products including Sundew Mirage, Titan 300, Myna Magnet, and much more.

  Next issue of In Touch

Update on Asian Bird Flu

Dr Sali Bache will publish an update on the status of the Asian Bird Flu situation in the next issue of In Touch. There have been new outbreaks in several European countries resulting in multiple fatalities presenting a major concern that a global pandemic could still be a reality.

Our Dr Bache will also present a paper on Avian Influenza at the FAOPMA 2006 conference in Brisbane.

Click here to read more on Dr Sali Bache’s recent article>>

  Need more brochures?

We have recently reprinted brochures from the Killgerm and PestWest range for our clients.

Call us on 1300 66 56 57 should you need copies for your clients.

More brochures are being launched on our new brochure page on a regular basis. New versions of the Bird Barrier Spike, Myna Magnet and Sundew brochures have been launched this week. Visit www.pestIT.com/brochures.html for details.

We invite you to contact Pest IT for all your commercial pest management product requirements - Call 1300 66 56 57. For more information on Pest IT Pty. Ltd. or our range of products and services, please visit www.pestIT.com.

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