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PestWest fly units continue to set the standard for quality, performance and value.

Check out the new Sundew Mirage™.

Bird Barrier

Manufacturers of new bird Barrier Spikes - now available in stock.

New postcards and promotional material available to help grow your business.

Your specialist supplier of commercial pest products and services.
Myna Magnet Indian Myna Traps

Myna Magnet Indian Myna traps are now available

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The Mosquito Slayer
NOW AVAILABLE- a new generation of trapping systems for Mosquitoes and Biting midge.




Christmas Pest IT

Summer is upon us and by now the pest management season is well underway.  Christmas is also looming and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and wish you and your staff and families a happy Christmas and a safe, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

We have more exciting news this month with the launch on Mosquito Slayer as well as a major up date of our web site with new products and technical articles to assist you.


The Pest IT office will remain operational during the Christmas break.
  Our warehouse also remains open during the Christmas break (except public holidays), therefore we can assist with product supply.  Feel free to call on 1300 66 56 57 if you run into trouble.  However, we would suggest that your orders be placed as early as possible to avoid the Christmas rush.

Again, we wish to thank you for your support throughout the year and hope that 2007 is a mutually successful and happy year for all!



Pest IT - New Product Developments

Yard installation


One nights catch with a standard (non-gas) unit

Our latest development for Summer is the release of Mosquito Slayer. Mosquito Slayer is an Australian innovation, now sold in over 65 countries around the world.  This unique, effective and environmentally friendly system is the shining light of the mosquito trapping arena. Mosquito Slayer is designed to attract and trap the female mosquito, which makes up over 90% of the trap’s catch. This is important as it is the female mosquito that bites and spreads disease and suffering world-wide.  Mosquito Slayer controls nuisance and disease carrying mosquitoes as well as biting midges, and is well suited to both domestic and commercial situations.

Vector management is a growing, profitable market for pest managers to consider.  If you are concerned about overuse of insecticides in the outdoor domestic and commercial area, you can be sure your clients are as well.  Protecting your clients “lifestyle area” from nuisance, disease carrying biting mosquitoes is a valuable service.

Throughout Australia there are locations where homeowners cannot use their yards due to the mosquito menace.  You can help your domestic clients reclaim their yard – efficiently, safely and environmentally.  In commercial situations such as resorts, alfresco dining areas, golf courses, mine sites and numerous other public areas, Mosquito Slayer can help reduce the liability of property owners and help maintain their duty of care for protecting people under their management.

Pest IT Pty. Ltd. is the Australian agent for Mosquito Slayer and we would be happy to support your marketing and sales program with technical information, brochures and training.

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With the launch of Mosquito Slayer and Myna Magnet, we have made significant changes to our web site.  This new information is designed to support your efforts in promoting these new market sectors.  There is also significant technical and marketing material to assist as well.

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Pest IT - Bird Barrier Success Stories

There are now thousands of successful Bird Barrier installations throughout Australia and the USA.  While we have a bank of Australian photos, images and case studies available on request, below are the latest releases of successful StealthNet and Bird Shock Flex-Track.

Recent Press Releases – Installations from Bird Barrier USA

Rooftop Renegades Run Roughshod Over Office Building
Download Now | Request High-Resolution Photos

Starling Performance Less Than Sterling at Equestrian Centre
Download Now | Request High-Resolution Photos

Hospital Faces Down Disease Threat from Outside the Facility
Download Now | Request High-Resolution Photos

City Hall Zaps Bird Problem with New Bird-Shock Flex-Track
Download Now | Request High-Resolution Photos



We regularly receive photos from clients of successful uses of our various products.  Below are images of the Ephestia/Plodia lure in the Demi-Diamond trapping system.  With the onset of warmer weather, stored product and textile moths wreak havoc in domestic pantries and wallrobes, as well as commercial food services and production facilities.  Infused in the glue matrix, the pheromone offers a slow-release attractant to 7 species of moth in the ephestia/plodia group.  At just a few dollars per trap, it is most cost effective as well.

Demi-Diamond Starter Pack - 10 traps & 30 pheromone glueboards, Code: AFDEPHSTA

Demi-Diamond Bulk - 50 traps
Code: AFDDTRAP(50 traps) & AFD100EPH (100 pheromone glueboards)

Christmas Pest IT

Demi-Diamond with catch in 5 days from a Sydney pantry

Christmas Pest IT

Christmas Pest IT


We are receiving numerous calls and faxes to our old office.  To ensure we remain in contact, please pass our new contact details to all members of your team.  Please note our new street address and fax number:

Street address: Level 1, 33-35 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah

Postal Address: PO Box 358 Cronulla, NSW 2229

Phone: 1300 66 56 57

Fax: 1300 66 56 17


Web site:


How much lead and mercury do your UV lamps contain?  Are you disposing of these correctly and safely?  Here is an interesting message from PestWest:

Quantum BL UV tubes are 100% more effective and 40% more powerful than standard UV tubes. Where other inferior tubes have long since failed, Quantum BL will maintain their high-power output to the end of their working life. These tubes are now used in all PestWest® professional equipment.

The European Unions’ new Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) restricts the use of 6 key substances. Two of those substances are Mercury and Lead, both of which would normally be used in the manufacture of UV tubes. 

The manufacturing process used to make a Quantum BL UV tube uses a different phosphor-mix than the one used to make other UV tubes. This unique mix does not require the hazardous material Lead to improve its performance. That coupled to other constructional techniques results in the Quantum BL UV tube being totally lead-free.  The Quantum BL lamp also contain reduced quantities of mercury.

Click here to read the article >>


After many months, a 2nd birthday and numerous requests I am back with a few helpful tips to pass on to assist your bird installations.

New “Black” Beam Clips – As you know, when I am on the job I use our trusty Ramset Cablemaster to attach intermediate fittings to beams, RSJ’s and C-channels.  But, if you use Beam Clips when installing StealthNet, you will be interested in the new “Black” Beam Clips from Bird Barrier.  The darker colour will ensure a discrete attachment to beams.  So apart from being quick to install, your job will look great as well. 

Code: ni-gc30

Bird Shock Flex-Track – Introducing the new Corner Connections and Quick Connectors from Bird Barrier.  These units have a new design and UV stable construction ideal for Australia’s harsh UV intensity.  The new connections are fast and easy to install and will save you valuable time on the job.

Code: bs-q00 Quick Connector (25 corner)
          bs-q01 Quick Tap Connector (30)

I hope this helps – all the best for a great Christmas and see you next year.

Pest IT - Black Beam Clips


Pest IT - Quick and Easy Jumpers



Christmas Pest IT - Mainfreight

After another successful year of trading, Pest IT Pty. Ltd. would like to let you in on one of our secrets to success.  Our logistics partner Mainfreight has been handling our warehousing, logistics and deliveries since late 2005.  Rather than make a song and dance about this, we wanted to quietly go about our business.  As a result, our deliveries have been super fast throughout the year and stock shortages of core products have been virtually non-existent.  Through Mainfreight, we are able to track deliveries right to your door and give a quick response to all product delivery enquiries.

We would like to introduce you to our local team at Mainfreight Greenacre.

Christmas Pest IT - Mainfreight
Left to right, Pani, Mike, Troy, Tama and Stolla,

The team manages about 150 pallets of Pest IT’s stock – that’s a lot of fly units, rat boxes, StealthNet, Spikes and miscellaneous bird and pest management products.  Thanks for your support Mainfreight – keep up the good work.


We invite you to contact Pest IT for all your commercial pest management product requirements - Call 1300 66 56 57. For more information on Pest IT Pty. Ltd. or our range of products and services, please visit

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