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Eagle Eye™ is the latest development for deterring pest birds from open as well as indoor areas. Check out our web site for details.


Coming Soon – The AF Atom a compact, economical and full featured rodent station


PestWest fly units continue to set the standard for quality, performance and value.

Check out the new Sundew Mirage™.

Bird Barrier

The Leader in Humane Bird Management Products

See for the latest product development and FREE training.

Your specialist supplier of commercial pest products and services.
Myna Magnet Indian Myna Traps

Myna Magnet Indian Myna traps are now available

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The Mosquito Slayer
NOW AVAILABLE- a new generation of trapping systems for Mosquitoes and Biting midge.




Merry Christmas from the Pest IT Team!

Christmas is upon us, the mosquitoes are buzzing and birds are singing, except in areas with our latest developments – Mosquito SlayerPRO and Eagle EyeTM.  Both systems have made a significant impact.  Eagle EyeTM became available in Australia in recent months, while Mosquito SlayerPRO is fresh off the production line.  Both units will offer new market potential to pest managers which means increased sales and profits this Spring/Summer. In addition Pest IT is introducing a new product of interest for those customers who undertake substantial termite control work – TERM-seal Penetration Collars.

Pest IT is growing and the introduction of John Skinner to the team is very exciting.  We also need more personnel in Sydney and Brisbane.  You may know of individuals that are outgoing, friendly, confident and a pleasure to work with. More details on all of these items are below. We also greet another addition to the Pest IT team, Peter and Sali gave birth to a healthy little girl in the wee hours of the first day of spring. Welcome to our world Jade Mia.

The team as Pest IT would like to thank you for your support and wish you all the best for a happy, peaceful and safe Christmas and New Year.  We look forward to assisting you throughout 2008.



We are please to announce the appointment of John Skinner as Pest IT’s Southern Sales Representative.  John, as all from the southern states will know has extensive industry and product knowledge.  He has begun contacting clients in both SA and Victoria and will be visiting metropolitan and regional areas over the coming months.  John, along with Peter McCarthy recently introduced new products such as Eagle EyeTM and Mosquito SlayerPRO to several Melbourne clients.  What was also exciting was the huge interest in our traditional products such as Bird Barrier, PestWest and Killgerm.  These products have become industry standards in many cases.  John’s experience with termites will assist greatly with the introduction through Pest IT of TERM-seal collars into the south. John is a great asset to Pest IT and we welcome him to the team.


John Skinner


At Pest IT, we pride ourselves on our people – friendly, courteous, technical and always willing to help.  If you know of anyone within (or outside) of the pest industry, please let us know.  We are looking for people to fulfill the following positions:

Sydney Sales Representative – a combination of office and field work including telemarketing, internal sales, trade shows, training, on-site client assistance and client visits.

South East Queensland Sales Representative – a field position working from home and a show room on the Gold Coast.  This role involves visiting our many clients in the South East with occasional visits to our loyal client base in the northern regions of Queensland.

Office Administration – to be based out of our Northern NSW office. If anyone knows of someone looking for a permanent part time position in the Balina-Byron-Lismore area please ask them to contact us.

For more information, contact Peter McCarthy on 0438 66 56 57



The results are in and Eagle EyeTM is exceeding expectations throughout Australia

Accredited installers have been installing Eagle Eye™ now for several months.  Feedback from installers has been very encouraging, even exceeding our expectations.  Eagle Eye™ has been used in over forty sites including:

  • On top of grain silos to stop sparrows, swallows and pigeons landing
  • Around prison walls to stop pigeons entering the sterile (alarm) areas
  • Shopping centers and retail environments
  • Food production, feed lots and other open areas

We also have trials underway in horticultural areas, stadiums, transport networks and areas with industrial applications.  Some comments have suggested that “the birds look like they are dodging bullets” when they enter the Eagle Eye™ zone such is the discomfort that the birds feel.

Many people have asked for video evidence of the system working to assist liaising with clients.  Eagle Eye™ has been featured on South Africa’s 50/50 news program.  The feature has been listed on YouTube at the url -

  • This video will assist with providing a scientific explanation from an independent source
  • Offer examples of where the system works in agricultural and industrial applications
  • Show where the system has improved from its predecessor
  • Discusses the long term viability of the system

The program finishes with the question of long-term effectiveness of the system.  Given that the system has been in use for several years, we now know the answer!

Eagle Eye™ is an effective bird deterrent device that harmlessly relocates most pest birds. Birds are disoriented and irritated by reflected light beams that flash at various angles from a rotating Eagle Eye™ unit. The Eagle Eye™ is complementary to a range of products and techniques used by bird control experts.

Eagle Eye is available to accredited installers only.  More accreditation programs are in the planning throughout Australia.  If you are interested, please call 1300 66 56 57.  Your interest and demand will determine future locations.  For more information, see

The Eagle Eye


Eagle Eye


"For more information see




The wait is over – Mosquito SlayerPRO is set for launch

The pre-production units have been assembled, tested and supplied throughout Australia.  Loyal clients with forward orders received the first 30 units from a pre-production run that was completed recently.  A full production of over 1000 units is now underway and will be available shortly.

Mosquito SlayerPRO (pictured right) is the latest development for mosquito and biting midge control and has been designed for service based companies to supply (outright sale or lease), maintain and service.  The PRO incorporates all the technology that has made the original unit, one of the most sort-after mosquito trapping systems.  The PRO has an ultra modern appearance and a large catch capacity to facilitate monthly or quarterly servicing.  Additional features to assist Australian pest mangers include:

    • LED UV lights for enhanced attraction of mosquito and biting midge.  So precise is the light spectrum used, we get virtually no fly or moth catch
    • The new CO2 hosing system emits CO2 all day every day – with extended C02 bottle use
    • Special CO2 bottles can be purchased to reduce your leasing costs per bottle

Pest IT will have a full Mosquito SlayerPRO marketing plan for our loyal clients to assist you that includes brochures (A4 & DL), web site and training.

The Mosquito Slayer web site has just been updated to include information and images of this exciting new machine.  For more information, please call 1300 66 56 57

Mosquito SlayerPro

Mosquito Slayer Logo

Check out the Mosquito Slayer web site




Bird Barrier does it again with the best bird industry catalogue

The Bird Barrier 2007/08 product catalogue is now available.  Proving yet again to be the leader in bird management, this 50+ page catalogue is the most extensive we have seen.  It includes all your favourite bird management products and tools such as StealthNet, Bird Shock Flex-Track, Bird Barrier Spikes, Daddy Long Legs, Bird Coil to name but a few.  The catalogue also includes new products, installation tips, successful installations and much more.  To receive a copy, simply call Pest IT on 1300 66 56 57.

Also, don’t forget to check out the FREE bird management training and other amazing features at
Bird Barrier Catalogue



This months Australian Professional Pest Manager Magazine features an extensive update on the current status of avian influenza.  Written by our own Dr Sali Bache, this article warns pest managers that although there is little media coverage these days, the dangers associated with this virulent disease remain.  Make sure you check it out or contact us for a transcript.

To read the full paper, click here




Pest IT and TERM-seal are pleased to introduce TERM-seal Penetration Collars

TERM-seal Penetration Collars:

  • Are easy to install
  • Excellent, economical price
  • Have a 15o angle that eliminates air bubbles under the collars
  • Designed with a smaller apron to reduce overlap and wastage
  • Tested and approved for use – AS3660.1
  • CSIRO appraised
  • Available in 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm and 100mm
  • Convenient pack size – 50 collars
TERM-seal Collars

Specially designed TERM-seal termite resistant sealant is also available to provide a moisture-proof gasket. To place an order or request more information, contact Pest IT on 1300 66 56 57.  We have a training and installation manual as well as MSDS (for the collars and sealant) available on request. Call now for pricing and immediate delivery.



We invite you to contact Pest IT for all your commercial pest management product requirements - Call 1300 66 56 57. For more information on Pest IT Pty. Ltd. or our range of products and services, please visit

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