August / October 2005

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  Spring is in the air

Spring has arrived and there is no better time to introduce the latest innovative offering from the Pest IT range – Myna Magnet. This new trapping system is a world first. There has never been a more efficient and effective Indian myna and European starling trap available. Both these exotic pest bird species create havoc in urban and rural communities throughout most of Australia and many other parts of the world. Both birds devastate native bird species by killing the young and displacing the adult native birds. Pest managers in Australia and internationally now have an effective tool to reduce the pressure of these invasive pest birds for commercial, domestic, rural and government sectors.

Throughout winter we have been busy attending various food industry exhibitions to support our clients promoting PestWest, Bird Barrier and Killgerm products. We have also made some significant additions to our web site, as well as introducing innovative new products. We hope you enjoy the technical, news and product related topics of our newsletter.

  Technical Article

New Developments in Bird Management
By Peter McCarthy and Dr Sali Bache
Pest IT Pty. Ltd.

The pest control sector has seen some significant developments and changes in the bird management industry over the past 15 years. In this time it has grown to become a core part of pest management. There are a host of control methods that can be applied. These include one or combinations of exclusion, physical deterrents, acoustic, ultrasonic and scare devices. Other approaches include population reduction methods such as trapping, shooting, poisoning (Avicides), irritants and taste deterrents. Bird management has experienced a growth in sales, available products and professional techniques used. No single method alone is able to offer a suitable result. When used in combination, however, a series of methods may form a highly successful management program (McCarthy, 2003).
From a product perspective, we have seen a greater range of products that reduces the need for bird managers to construct their own home-made deterrents to solve client issues. The new developments outlined during this article include:

• Ledge deterrents
• Trapping systems
• Scare deterrents
• Scare Streamer
• Rail deterrents
• Netting systems
• Tools
• Misc bird management systems
• Market forces and future trends


  Myna Magnet

At last, a solution for myna’s and starlings

A scientifically designed Indian myna trap is now available. This unit is the result of years of study and research and is highly effective and species selective. You can help our environment by eradicating the “Cane Toad with Wings” with this trap. It is a humane solution to a potentially devastating environmental problem.

The Myna Magnet is a two chamber trap. It is collapsible which makes it the unit ideal for setting up trapping programs and transporting the trap between installations. The collapsibility of the trap also assists in storage between jobs.

The Myna Magnet comes as a complete kit (including gassing kit, feeders, perches, instruction manual and more). There is nothing else to buy – just erect and set the trap. New inserts for other pest bird species will be available in the coming months to further add to the value and versatility of this important new system.

Pest managers now have an excellent opportunity to assist clients in new markets including domestic, commercial, rural and horticultural bird management. The Myna Magnet can also be successfully used on starlings. With this tool pest managers can work closely with local councils and government departments to help reduce the devastating effects of Indian myna and starling problems in your local area.

Please note:  We are currently waiting on the first shipment which is mostly SOLD OUT.  If you are interested, we suggest you place an order ASAP for delivery in December 2005.

The Myna Magnet is available as single traps or a commercial kit of 4 units. Call us now for a special introductory offer.

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  In the News

Brand Awareness – Pest IT has continued its commitment to our clients and major suppliers by exhibiting at four recent trade exhibitions. Our goal is to build brand awareness in the quality Killgerm, Bird Barrier and PestWest ranges to ensure our clients and their clients know of the innovative solutions available from Pest IT products. Our new products were very well received at the HACCP 2005 and FoodPro 2005 (food production industry), Rapid Solutions (pest management industry) and Fine Food 2005 (retail food services industry). update – Please take the time to review the improvements to our web site. Included are new sections for our product brochures and training packages, as well as introducing new information and some excellent photos. All three product sections have been updated to include all our new products for the coming season. Stay tuned, there is more to come.

  New Products for 2005

Myna Magnet – This is the most significant bird management tool to be launched on the Australian market this year. Don’t miss your chance to be involved in the reduction of these economically important and environmentally destructive pests.

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PestWest and Killgerm products - The PestWest and Killgerm product sections of our web site have been updated to include new products for 2005. Here you will find new products including Demi-Diamond, UVA Meter, AF Insect Monitor, Chameleon 1x2IP, Chameleon 4x4EX and more. We invite you to look at these products and contact us should you need additional assistance.

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Bird Barrier products - The Bird Barrier product section has also been updated to include exciting new products such as BirdSlide, Bird Wire RailGuard and the Bird Shock Quick Connectors. Please check this for new and innovative bird management solutions.

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  Product of the Month

Quantum Lamps – Spring time brings the beginning of warm and humid weather, plus hoards of flies into hospitality, food service and health care facilities. It is now time to change the UV lamps in all flying insect units. But first, we would like you to consider the quality of the lamps you are using. Are your lamps:

• Rated for 8000 hours (12 months) of service or only 3500 hours (6 months)?
• Shatter proof coated with Teflon G with improved impact resistance and excellent UV transmission?
• Offering enhanced performance – 40% more powerful and 100% more effective than standard lamps?

Quantum LampsIf you’re not sure, then chances are your using the wrong lamps. Using the best quality UV lamps such as the Quantum BL Lamps is not expensive as the features may indicate. See the full details on our new brochure page at Then call us for a competitive quote, you will be amazed with the improved attraction power and value for money.




  Noah's Tool Time

Ramset Cable Master – The latest tool to improve the speed, efficiency and economy of StealthNet installations is the Ramset Cablemaster. This tool has many great benefits for those involved in professional bird netting. The Cablemaster is easy to use, fires a 15mm pin into C-channel and I-beams and 20mm pin into masonry. It is a propane gas unit, not an explosive power tool (powder actuated gun) and therefore does not require a specific license. This tool allows us to use the economical, stainless steel Bird Barrier Multi-Purpose Bracket for virtually every construction surface. It is therefore able to increase the use of durable and long lasting stainless steel AND reduce costs. Speeding up the installation also reduces time, labour and money. If you are into bird netting, you can’t afford not to have one. Contact the Pest IT customer service team for a special offer.

  Industry Events

FAOPMA 2006 – FAOPMAustralia 26-29 July 2006 at Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre. The FAOPMA conference in Brisbane is shaping up to be the must attend conference for 2006. Organising is well underway with information on registrations, speakers, program, events and accommodation close to being finalised. To remain up to date, keep an eye on More information will be added to the site as details are finalised.


  Contact Details Changed

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