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Bird Barrier

Manufacturers of new bird Barrier Spikes - now available in stock.

New postcards and promotional material available to help grow your business.

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Myna Magnet Indian Myna Traps

Myna Magnet Indian Myna traps are now available

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The Mosquito Slayer
NOW AVAILABLE- a new generation of trapping systems for Mosquitoes and Biting midge.




Welcome to the first addition of In Touch for 2007. Pest IT is celebrating our third birthday and we wish to thank you for your support since we commenced business in 2004.  This issue has technical content relating to increased Ross River virus outbreaks, as well as new support, products and personnel at Pest IT.

Pest IT is also delighted to announce the opening of it’s Northern Branch. Situated in far north NSW it will service Southern Queensland and beyond. We have recently been increasing our training (on-site and class room) and regular visits to the area since February. If you are situated in SE Queensland, please let us know how we can assist with your commercial equipment and training requirements.


We Are thrilled to introduce Nicholas Liddle, the newest member of our growing team.

Nick joined Pest IT in March and brings with him significant experience in customer service from years of working in the airline industry as well as practical experience from working in construction.

Nick’s primary focus will be liaising with Architects and builders to specify Bird Barrier installations.  This will assist in the growth of our mutual bird business in new constructions and existing building refurbishments.  Nick will be working closely with our loyal clients and will be passing on leads of potential installations.

Nick will also be on our Bird Barrier display at this month’s Form & Function exhibition in Melbourne. This national architects exhibition is the premier display for architects and new building design. It has been instrumental in our ability to specify Bird Barrier products and pass on leads to you – our valued client



We welcome Nick and wish him all the success in growing your business and ours!



A new Mosquito Slayer web site is now available – killthesuckers.com.au

This new web site is the ideal information forum available for you to direct your clients to for more information.  There are no pricing or order forms – it is purely information to help you make sales and generate profit in this exciting market sector.  Here you will find product information, model specifications, product features, mosquito/midge technical information, trials and more.  We will also use this site as well as www.pestIT.com to inform you of the pending launch of the exciting Mosquito Slayer Commercial unit.

Click here to read the NEW Mosquito Slayer Site >>



Government agencies continue warnings of Ross River and Barmah virus on Australia’s East Coast.

Recently Sydney’s Sutherland Shire, the Illawarra and NSW Central Coast have endured a dramatic increase in Ross River Virus (RRV) alerts.  Our local Byron Shire newspaper The Eco reports

“It begins with a simple insect bite, but it can leave you bedridden for weeks, or sometimes longer. Ross River fever is a debilitating viral illness, spread by mosquitoes. Preventing the bites in the first place is the best way to fight the disease, which some say will be more prevalent in a warming greenhouse world.”

Ross River Fever is generally seen as a virus that only affects North Queensland, but that's certainly not been the case over the last few years. In 2006 RRV was actually more common in South East Queensland than in the north, although it actually occur as far south as Tasmania.

In NSW the New England Area Health Service says the New England and north-west has more reported cases of Ross River fever than any other part of NSW. The Greater Southern Area Health Service (based in Bega) has reported that high tides and warm weather are encouraging mosquito breeding and says there has been an increase in both Barmah Forest Virus (BFV) and RRV. Increased incidences have also been reported in Sydney, including dramatic increases in the Hurstville city and Sutherland shire areas which prompted the South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Public Health Unit to issue a health alert for people to protect themselves against mosquitoes over summer.

RRV has been detected in most major metropolitan areas of Australia, including Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. It is transmitted by a number of different mosquitoes. Since 1988, BFV disease has been reported in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Victoria.
Ross River virus infection is the most common and most widespread arboviral disease in Australia. So named for the mosquitoes collected in 1959 near the Ross River in Townsville.  Today disease notifications in Australia average about 4,800 per year and are on the increase.

Ross River virus can cause incapacity and inability to work for two to three months, although symptoms do vary. In about two thirds of cases a rash will develop up to two weeks before, or after, other symptoms. Rheumatic symptoms are present in most patients, which consist of arthritis of the wrist, knee, ankle and small joints of the extremities. Prolonged symptoms are common. Barmah Forest virus, like RRV is named for the first location of confirmed detection in collected mosquitoes, in the Barmah Forest on the Murray River in northern Victoria. The symptoms are almost identical to that of RRV, with a slightly more predominance of rash. Confusingly, outbreaks of BFV disease sometimes occur concurrently with RRV disease.

For both diseases the only preventative measures outlined by the Australian government are:

  • Mosquito control measures.
  • Personal protection measures (long sleeves and mosquito repellents).
  • Avoidance of mosquito-prone areas. Vectors usually bite at dusk and dawn.




Pest IT has launched a new training module in our Business of Bird Management series – Sales and Marketing. 

This 1-2 hour presentation focuses on all the fundamentals of sales and marketing your new or existing bird management business.  Topics include quoting for success, sales techniques, marketing tools, success stories, target markets, growth sectors and more.  This course is available on demand for small groups. Please contact us on 1300 66 56 57 if you have an interest in growing your business.

DVD Training – coming soon

Are you in a remote location and have difficulty getting to training sessions?

Do you need PestCert CPD points but can’t take the technicians off the road?

Do you find conferences time consuming, difficult to travel to and expensive?

We have three training modules in DVD format scheduled for launch mid-year. 

Please call us on 1300 66 56 57 to discuss your training requirements.


Pest IT - Bird Barrier Success Stories

Bird Barrier Success Stories are still available on-line.  See some outstanding installation and how they were successfully managed using Bird Barrier products

Click here to read the Bird Barrier Success Stories >>



AF Atom Rodent Station
The AF Atom is a compact, yet full featured rat station that will be available in the near future.  You will be able to use your choice of rodenticide, as well as snap traps, glueboards and liquid drinkers.  The economical AF Atom is made out of the same durable, UV stable material as the robust original AF Rat Box.

PestWest Poster
We are just waiting on the arrival of a new PestWest poster.  It has been designed in Australia to help promote fly management using UV fly traps.  It showcases our three most popular units and is ideal for your showrooms, trade displays, supermarket booths, etc.  Available when you purchase PestWest fly units in April – June 2007.

Bird Barrier Solutions Book 
Pest IT will soon be launching a 24 page colour case studies and solutions pest bird management book for our valued clients.  Again, designed in Australia, this will allow you to show YOUR clients (builders, architects, maintenance managers and building owners) some of the many Australian and US installations from the past few years.  Your ability to showcase outstanding and successful installations is an excellent way to establish credibility in your offer to manage a potential customer’s pest bird problem.  Feel free to register your interest to receive a copy.  Stay tuned for its release.

Bird Barrier Lead Referral Guides
Our lead referral cards are an ideal way to get your technicians involved in the sales process of bird management and help them bring in useful information to generate new business.  Who doesn’t need that! Let us know if we can assist your business development.  Oh, and there’s no cost to you! (That’s two exclamation points in the one paragraph – a new record!!!)

Bird Barrier Catalogue – 52 pages
The world leader in bird management products continues to excel in supporting its clients.  We have just seen the artwork and you will benefit from the new developments, ideas, handy hints and experience available from Bird Barrier.  New products include innovative trapping systems as well as accessories to aid your StealthNet ans Bird Shock Flex-Track installations.  We will keep you posted with a launch date.

This year is certainly one of our busiest years for exciting new products.  Here is just a taste of what’s to come:


PestWest Poster available beginning of May 2007


New in May 2007 - New Water Hopper now available for increased catching capacity and reducing concerns with water evaporation.  The new Water Hopper is an optional upgrade to improve the serviceability of the current Mosquito Slayer model.  Available on request.


Avian Influenza update

Although fairly quiet in the mainstream media this summer, avian influenza has continued to spread throughout the world with total deaths now at 171, of a total of 291 humans who have been diagnosed with avian influenza since it’s emergence in 2003.

So far this year major incidences in humans have occurred primarily in Indonesia and Egypt, each reporting 8 and 15 new cases respectively. Recent deaths for April as reported by the UN World Health Organisation include 11 reported fatalities in Indonesia, plus the deaths of a 2 year old and a 15-year-old girl in Cairo and a 13 year old Cambodian. In addition AI has been detected in poultry in several new countries including Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

The breakdown of deaths by country, followed in brackets by the total number of cases of the disease in humans currently stands at (as of 11 April 2007):

Indonesia 63 (out of 81 cases)
Vietnam 42 (93)
Thailand 17 (25)
China 15 (24)

Cambodia 7 (7)
Azerbaijan 5 (8)
Turkey 4 (12)
Laos 2 (2)

Nigeria 1 (1)
Djibouti 0 (1)
Egypt 13 (34)
Iraq 2 (3)

With the growing Avian Influenza concern, pest managers should consider consulting their clients and discussing potential strategies with your client base.  Real or perceived risks are now gripping the Australian public and the pest management industry can assist in many ways.  Call us on 1300 66 56 57 if we can assist.


Don’t forget to update our contact details. 
Please note our new street address and fax number:

Street address: Level 1, 33-35 Captain Cook Drive, Caringbah
Postal Address: PO Box 358 Cronulla, NSW 2229
Phone: 1300 66 56 57
Fax: 1300 66 56 17
Email: info@pestIT.com
Web site: www.pestIT.com


Myna Magnet sales and marketing success

At recent home shows, supermarket displays and trade shows in Queensland, NSW and Victoria, we have had great feedback on the success in pest managers promoting Myna Magnet to the public.  Many have reported queues a “mile long” of homeowners wanting to ask how to get rid of pest Indian Mynas from home backyards.
Consider this - Given that regular visits to homes are time consuming and expensive many of our clients have opted to resell or lease the traps out to domestic and commercial clients.  Our literature and instructions outlines easy to follow procedures.  This is a great revenue and profit earner.  Direct sales, lease or service programs – there is money to be made from eradicating this ecologically disastrous pest.  For more information call 1300 66 56 57.

Click here to visit our Myna Magnet page >>


We invite you to contact Pest IT for all your commercial pest management product requirements - Call 1300 66 56 57. For more information on Pest IT Pty. Ltd. or our range of products and services, please visit www.pestIT.com.

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