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Edition 1, 2012

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Summer Newsletter

With the rain and heat now well and truly with us – so are the pests.  We are busy with the usual summer season and have lots of news, new products and events to share with you. We hope you are busy as well. Here is the summer news from Pest IT.

Myna Magnet – Let’s win the war against indian mynas

Myna Magnet
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We are pleased to announce that Pest IT has purchased the business Myna Magnet Australia. This is not only exciting news for us, but this offers some exciting business development opportunities for pest managers on the east coast of Australia.

Indian mynas are the No.1 bird pest in most backyards on Australia’s east coast. They are also having a significant impact on retail, council, public and commercial areas. All of the above options are excellent business opportunities to consider to help grow your domestic and commercial pest portfolio. To learn more, visit or call 1300 665 657.

How can you get involved to “Win the war against Indian mynas”?

  • The new Mini Myna Trap is a smaller, economical, easy to use and convenient to store trap well suited to domestic and commercial myna and starling trapping
  • You may simply wish to act as a reseller of traps in your area to earn excellent revenue and make contact with local homeowners
  • A profitable program exists where pest managers can lease traps to homeowners and return to euthanise the catch
  • Pest managers may get involved in community based projects for PR purposes
  • Local councils will be interested in liaising with local business’s involved in the eradication of Indian mynas

Pest IT now fields telephone calls daily from homeowners wishing for a humane, local and professional euthinasing option. We will pass these leads on to businesses wishing to be involved in the various programs.

News from PestWest

Introducing exciting new units and the return of our favourite discrete unit.

Chameleon Vega White Chemeleon Vega Stainless Sundew lamp

The Chameleon Vega White

Will be available March 2012. This ultra-slim unit will add new class to the modern

The Chameleon Vega Stainless Steel is now available from Pest IT. For a brochure CLICK HERE

After an extended period without Sundew lamps, we are pleased to announce that the Sundew units and accessories will be back on our shelves very soon.

Airoma Dispenser – great value

Now you can get a fully programmable digital dispenser for the cost of a traditional commercial dispenser.

The Airoma system provides flexible programming options which allow costs to be fixed and ensures that fragrance delivery and odour control are matched to location conditions. Real Time Program allows user to set a start time, hours of operation and days of operation, therefore conserving refill life for the hours the business is open. Intensity Plus Event Timer – IPE® feature - allows three preset times when the dispenser will provide more fragrance for busy times in the location.

‘Easy’ or ‘Rent’ button - If full programmability is not required the user may select the ‘Rent’ button for quick and easy programming. This feature allows 30, 45, or 60 day settings. No alarm features are activated.

Trade Price: $55.00 + GST
Introductory Special: $42.00 + GST

Also, check out our price for Airomist Pest Pyrethrum 150g Aerosol Brochure.

StealthNet tools FREE

In recent years the Pest IT team has assisted hundreds of clients on-site with StealthNet training. In the process we have invested in a large selection of installation tools – net ring tools, various drills, Ramset Guns, air compressors, hoses and hand tools to name but a few. We now want to make them available to you – FREE. When placing an order for your netting requirements, please ask for details. Some conditions apply, but this new initiative could save you thousands on large projects.

EnviroMax – your new chemical option

Don’t forget, Pest IT has in stock the exciting EnviroMax Range – the high quality, economical  range of bifenthrin based formulations. Contact us for a price today.


Events - FAOPMA 2012

FAOPMA Federation of Asian & Oceania Pest Managers Associations - AEPMA is proud to announce that Australia has won the right to host the FAOPMA Conference in 2012.  The conference will be held on 11- 13 July 2012 in Adelaide. This conference is expected to be a big event, attended by not only Australian delegates, but many overseas pest managers from the Asia Pacific Region and beyond. Note this date in your diary so you don't miss out on this great event. For further information please visit the conference website at

See the Youtube event introduction.

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