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Edition 3, 2010

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Welcome to the Summer newsletter for 2010/11. Christmas is just around the corner but even at this early stage of December the busy Spring/Summer season has yet to peak in most areas of Australia. It seems a general consensus among pest managers that the welcome rains and uncharacteristically cool weather combined with a somewhat suppressed economy (notice that I didn’t say depressed!), has slowed down business progress for most companies. Many businesses are therefore reliant on contractual and commercial clients, with large projects being difficult to find.

While there are numerous solutions, one suggestion from our team is to focus on professional and informative proposal for large pest or bird management projects. Whether these are for a tender or for a recommendation for a potential or existing client, a high quality proposal may provide that special “point of difference” in gaining new business. See our article below as well as all our usual news including special offers, our new team member, technical articles and the like.


From: SUNDAY Telegraph
December 05, 2010

THEY'VE tried trapping them, shooting them, baiting them and scaring them - and failed miserably to win the war against Sydney's pigeons. So how about blinding them with disco lights? To read the full Eagle Eye article click here>>>>

The Sydney Sunday Telegraph is one of Australia’s largest circulating papers. The article appeared on page 20 (Opra’s Australia visit was page 19 to indicate how important the issue is to Sydney). With the Minister for Transport heavily involved and the public wanting results, the interest (and the pressure of the city) is there from all to see how well the Eagle Eye system (the first major installation of both the visual and sound units) integrates to form a professional deterrent system. This particular installation includes 6 Eagle Eye’s and 3 assorted Eagle Eye Nightmare units. The reaction from the Pigeon’s was immediate and we look forward to bringing you more developments on the project in the coming months.


The following special offers are available until December 23rd 2010:

  • Dura-Spike Wide $249.50 + GST per 31m carton, until Christmas or while stocks last.
  • Chameleon 1x2 Discretion Introductory offer - Receive a FREE pack of Glueboards (12 months usage) with each unit purchased
  • PestWest Uplighter – receive a FREE pack of Glueboards for every carton of 2 units purchased

NEW TEAM MEMBER - Welcome Joanne

The Pest IT team welcomes Joanne De Bruin as our new Administration Manager. Joanne’s primary role is to assist clients with keeping accounts up to date and help where possible when issues occur. Joanne will have numerous duties to assist our clients from communication with order dispatching as well as back order assistance. Orders received this week will have already noticed this major communication improvement, one that has been highlighted as needing our attention. Joanne has extensive experience in administration having worked in various companies in the private sector as well as running a family business. We wish Joanne all our best and are delighted to welcome her to our team.

What to include in your proposal

To gain new business when the economy (both Australian and international) is slowing your company must rise above the rest in a competitive field. It is therefore imperative to both justify your price and recommendation in order to capture the order confirmation. Elements needed in a proposal include some or all of the following:

  • Your recommendation – clearly outlining your suggestion, stating clear reasons why you have chosen this form of pest management
  • Local legislation – Food Safety, HACCP and OH&S guidelines that your client needs to be aware of
  • OH&S requirements – working at height, EWP permits, Pest management qualifications that your company possesses
  • Product specification – outline what products are to be used, their specifications and the specific reason or quality you have chosen them for
  • Product and workmanship warranties – describe the manufacturer’s back up warranty and how long you will service the unit/system as part of a workmanship guarantee
  • Your company’s ability to complete the work – list the man power (labour) and resources at your disposal
  • Timeline for completion – outline how long the work may take, the interruptions to work on-site and working within shutdown timeframes
  • Accountability for success and completion date – your client will need to be reassured that you can complete the work and do so within a given time
  • Safe Work method statement, Auditing Process, Risk Management Plans, government work compliances – supply the OH&S documentation needed. Do you have templates for each so they can be simply modified to suit your client? Do you have a National Code of Compliance to conduct work with the Australian government? This is a simple process to complete with the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. A must for all Australian business wishing to conduct business with the Australian government
  • Standard of work – What certifications has your company completed such as Australian Standards, HACCP, etc?
  • Specific prices, discounts, special promotions or options – one of the key areas is clearly listing the costs or each stage of the project and the total cost. If there are special issues, discounts, early settlement options or offers for the client to take advantage of, these can be included. You could mimic your suppliers options for early payment, special discounts or deposits to ensure you satisfy your suppliers terms
  • Justifying the price – it is recognised that you are often promoting a plan, strategy or an idea that will cost the client more than they had planed. Therefore, you include many or all of the above to justify the price. There may be additional circumstances that need to be mentioned.
  • Offer exclusivity – is there something you are offering (product, expertise, technique, etc) that few can? Time to mention what sets your business above the rest. Don’t mention your competitors, just focus on your strength and the quality of your offer
  • Ramifications for not completing your recommendation – what happens if the issue is not managed? Is there a food safety issue, OH&S implication, damage to equipment or inventory, loss of business and good will or a damaging impact to their client? State the issues of not getting the work completed.
  • The true cost to the client – Is there a financial burden to your client? Is the cost of the project LESS than the real or perceived cost of leaving the status quo? Ie is the project cost (say $10,000) significantly less than the loss of business, cost of a product recall, reduced life of equipment, damage to property or cost of clean up/maintenance. Perhaps you can ask specific questions in this area before you submit your proposal.
  • Terms of trade – It is essential that you place your terms of trade in your proposal. Payment date, deposit, instalments and specific terms for your business and/or this project. This area save potential “renegotiation” at the end of the job
  • Similar work – lastly, outline the other work that your company completed using this technique/product. Ask your supplier for specific installations or processes completed if this is a first time

There can be more to a proposal than your plan and the price. In fact, depending on the actual process or installation there may be more involved than the items listed above. At Pest IT we will support you in every way from your recommendation, product specification, the actual proposal, OH&S documentation, on-site assistance, client presentation and training. If we can assist, pleases let us know.

BIRD MANAGEMENT with the experts

As Australia’s leader in bird management products, training and expertise, we have introduced a series of new articles that we will build on to assist the process of information sharing. “Bird Management With the Experts” will focus on simple techniques, ideas or troubleshooting that will assist our clients on the job. The idea may have come from one of our training sessions or an installation that should be documented and shared. Examples could include new uses for existing items, what to do in various situations or how to overcome problems. Our first article is a regular dilemma after a netting installation – How do you process the left over net. For more information read here >>>>


Researchers with the University of Florida’s (UF’s) Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences have documented five more bacteria species carried by house flies and all of them cause illness in humans, ranging from food poisoning to respiratory infections. To read the article in full, read here >>>>

On the home front - As this decade draws to a close, there has been a significantly increased emphasis on food safety, the need for site complicacy, effective pest management and facility hygiene. In NSW and potentially many other states, the introduction of a the “Scores on Doors” pilot program for food services facilities offers the pest industry huge potential to lift its profile and importance with the commercial food services industry. A visit to the NSW Food Authority web site (Click Here) outlines the program and how it will assist consumers and businesses alike. Minister Steve Whan indicates that “Just as our Name and Shame list informs people of who is doing the wrong thing, it is only fair we also reward good performance, Scores on Doors does that.” We believe that pest managers have a key role to play in assisting the food services facilities in gaining the highest score possible as well as potentially lifting poorly rated sites to an acceptable level of pest management.

NEW PRODUCT – THE Chameleon 1x2 Discretion


Introducing the latest development from the PestWest range – the Chameleon® 1x2 Discretion.

Discreet and ultra-slim wall-mounted unit. An attractive front cover conceals the sticky board and catch while leaving the UV tubes fully exposed. This allows for maximum attraction while making this unit ideal for areas in view of the public. The unit is equipped with two powerful 15-watt Quantum BL UV shatterproof tubes coated with DuPont Teflon® fluoropolymer and a standard Chameleon size sticky board. The 1x2 Discretion is available in white with white cover or stainless steel with stainless steel cover. If you thought (as we did), that the Chameleon 1x2 couldn’t be improved, here is the next level of discretion to suit modern food service area décor. What is also exciting is that the unit is to be launched at the same price as the economical original 1x2 unit – awesome.

For a brochure click here >>>>


WEB SITE LAUNCH for PestWest Australia and Killgerm UK

We are pleased to announce with the introduction of the Chameleon® 1x2 Discretion that the PestWest Australia web site is now on-line. Click Here to see the latest products from one of the most trusted names in commercial fly management. Also listed on the site are brochures, newsletters, technical articles and technical assistance from Dr Moray Anderson.

Also new to relaunch on the web is our supplier of pest management devices (the AF Range) and the parent company to PestWest – The Killgerm group. Click here for assistance with technical issues, new products available through Pest IT, access to images, facebook, Twitter, live chat, extraordinary resources and more features than we have seen on just about any web site. We invite you to check this out.


Each year there seems to be conferences that stand out from the crowd. 2010 was no different and most of us know that the Rapid Solutions conference is the national conference that tops the list with more than 400 attendees each year. Dates and venues are currently in the planning stage so stay tuned. But what about regional conferences? If you’re planning a visit to a conference next year, consider the Northern Exposure Conference in Townsville North Queensland. The conference is run by the Pest Management Institute (North Queensland) and is well worth your attention and attendance for a professional, social and intimate training experience. Generally attended by around 100 locals to Nth Queensland, we are always surprised at the lack of Southern Visitors. Townsville is a great city to visit with loads of tourism options and the conference itself is very impressive, informative and professional. Keep an eye on the conference web site Click Here for the September 2011 details.


We are happy to add brief details regarding items for sale by our clients to our newsletters. While we will supply information and put you in touch with the seller, Pest IT Pty. Ltd cannot be held responsible for any issues relating to the sale of second hand goods.

UTE and set up For Sale (Sth Sydney) – For details email UTE to for details.


The office will be closing on Thursday 23rd December and reopening on Tuesday 4th January 2011. We wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and we look forward to working with you in 2011.

Christmas 2010

Christmas is a time to think of others less fortunate than ourselves. In a final fund-raising effort for 2010, Pest IT is participating in a charity to raise money to help rescue children from prostitution in Cambodia. On 2nd of December 100 books on the subject were left in public places all over Australia  or 'set free' ( see to spread the word about the issues relating to child prostitution and slavery. If you have some spare Christmas cheer (and cash) or just want further information, please go to You may make it a very different Christmas for a grateful child in a not so far away country.

Last word for the year on Christmas - The team at Pest IT wishes you a very happy and safe Feastive Season and a prosperous and sustainable New Year for you and your family.

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