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Edition 1, 2010

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With a wet and wild end to summer in 2010, it seems that an extension to the busy season into autumn does seem in order. However, many pest managers report patchy business more in relation to difficult financial times with clients rather than the uncertain weather patterns. At Pest IT bird management projects have been steady and exciting with our clients undertaking some large, intricate and challenging installations throughout the summer. Some landmark buildings in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and regional centres received some exceptional results using Bird Shock Flex-Track, Eagle Eye and a combination of the two. Both systems work very well together to achieve a high proportion of population deterrence on vast open roof areas.

From a product perspective, we have two new ranges to introduce see below for details. Our new inspection camera has been well received. While MediDRAIN in particular will be of great assistance to your commercial and domestic fermentation fly program.

Monthly Special

AF Atom Rodent Station - We reported earlier that the AF Atom rodent stations special was extended till end of March 2010. With the interest generated by a high quality rat box for $5.95 + GST, we will continue this until the end of May. With rain and rodents persisting in autumn, this winter will be a busy rodent season for all. For product specifications, click HERE.

Eagle Eye – We have a new kit available at a very special price. Order two Eagle Eye’s and receive the solar panel to run both units FREE. A 5w panel is suited to central and northern states, while a 10w panel is suited to southern states. Both have battery back up systems and wiring to run the units 50-100 metres apart. This option is a great cost saving option on roof and other open areas where multiple units can be connected to one panel.

For more information, please call us on 1300 66 56 57.

New Products


MediDRAIN – A new generation drain seal for commercial and domestic floor wastes and shower drains. Suitable for commercial situations such as cafes, restaurants and food processing areas as well as domestic situations with grill drains. It combines clever design with breakthrough anti microbial technology to stop the entry of crawling insects, fermentation flies and odours entering facilities via drains.
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Inpection Camera Inspection Camera – Allows for easy visual inspection of hard-to-reach areas including wall cavities, sub-floors, voids and ceilings. Lightweight, handheld design. An essential and economical aid to find, diagnose and solve pest problems with the flexible extended tube and useful accessories. Available with a 15mm camera or upgradeable to a very compact 8mm mini camera. Incredible low cost, suitable to supply all your technicians…
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Next issue we will introduce a range of new products including an extensive safety range, a bed bug vacuum, disposable fly trap and new fly traps to add to the extensive PestWest range.

The Pest IT fly program

While often known as the bird specialists, a substantial portion of Pest IT’s business is dedicated to the other flying creatures – flies. As with most flying insects, particularly fermentation flies, there is no single product to control flying insects. To ensure a professional fly program is in place, we suggest using the following range in combination to receive the most thorough control of a wide range of fly species as part of a management program.

Airomist Airomist Pest pyrethrum aerosols and dispensers – A high quality and innovative metered insecticide system using Tasmanian pyrethrum via an advanced micro-mist dispenser. Aerosol dispensers can be highly effective for creating a repellent entry barrier or for supplementary control of flies.
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MediDRAIN MediDRAIN – Finally a new solution to stop fermentation fly entry via drain grills. MediDRAIN is a new generation drain seal for commercial and domestic floor wastes and shower drains. Pest managers can install the MediDRAIN at existing accounts to supplement a fermentation fly program. One must to remember that drains are not the only entry point; however, drains are a critical component in which to gain control.
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Pest West PestWest Fly Traps – This extensive range has been the main component of many professional fly programs Australia-wide. While UV fly traps are very effective for a wide variety of fly species, pest managers should be aware that fermentation fly have variable sensitivity (attraction) to these units during stages of their life cycle. Hence the need for a programmed approach with various techniques and products.
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Killgerm Demi Diamond – This is an inexpensive and innovative monitoring trap for fermentation flies and stored product pests. A range of glueboards both pheromone and unscented are available for various species. For fermentation fly, the unscented glueboards is designed to use in conjunction with both commercially available attractants or food, sugar or spirit attractants as a liquid in the base of the trap.
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The concept of this program is based on control, modify and monitor. As mentioned above, Pest IT will release a disposable fly trap for outdoor areas with a very unique and effective fly bait/attractant in conjunction with the Autumn Newsletter. Information on this product is available on request.

Other important components are the techniques that you, the professional use to complete your fly management program. This includes product placement, regular inspections and pest audits, strategic insecticide use, communication and reporting with your commercial clients, pest sightings registers, recommending site modifications (I.e. improved sanitation, pest entry rectification, closed door policies, covered waste, reduced food and moisture availability, etc) and thorough follow up. PestWest has provided us with a very professional procedures and training manual for flying insect management which is available free on request to pest IT clients. If we can assist with your commercial fly management program, please let us know on 1300 66 56 57.

NEW Dura-Spike brings positive results

The reports from the field have been very positive with excellent feedback from the first round of commercial installations of Dura-Spike. Our only negative mention was the product is too durable as the spike height needed modification (cutting to fit within a confined area). This would be tricky as the stainless steel spike itself is designed for the long-run. The base we have found easy to work with, bend, cut, etc. If you are quoting on bird spiking, consider stepping up to Dura-Spike. There is very little difference in price comparison with plastic based spikes, but the end result is a dramatic improvement. For more information on Dura-Spike > read more

Business of Bird Management

Dates and venues are still to be settled with our 2 day bird management course. This will be a big event on the bird management calendar and will include many facets of bird management including physical and scare deterrent systems, site safety, access equipment, professional techniques, sales and marketing to name but a few topics. Please register your interest with us ASAP so we can incorporate your interest with venue and locations. We look forward to hearing from you.

Bird Shock Flex-track improved!

Now in stock is the new design of our most successful product launch to date. Bird Shock Flex-Track has a new grooved base to improve on its use on metal surfaces. The new grooved base will also facilitate increased bonding and drainage when applied to a ledge surface. Now in its seventh years as the original professional bird shock system, its still hard to beat on ledge, parapet and a multitude of architectural features. Samples, brochures and support available by contacting Pest IT.


We invite you to contact Pest IT for all your commercial pest management product requirements – Call 1300 66 56 57. For more information on Pest IT Pty Ltd or our range of products and services, please visit

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