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Eagle Eye™ is the latest development for deterring pest birds from open as well as indoor areas. Check out our web site for details.


Coming Soon – The AF Atom a compact, economical and full featured rodent station


PestWest fly units continue to set the standard for quality, performance and value.

Check out the new Sundew Mirage™.

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Myna Magnet Indian Myna Traps

Myna Magnet Indian Myna traps are now available

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The Mosquito Slayer
NOW AVAILABLE- a new generation of trapping systems for Mosquitoes and Biting midge.




The excitement around Pest IT is high at present, as numerous long term plans are coming to fruition.  These projects include:

  • The launch of the AF Atom, a new economical, compact, yet full featured lockable rat station that is now available. 
  • Pest IT is finally (after coaxing by many clients) entering the termite arena with a revolutionary system for pre- and post construction termite management. 
  • The announcement of our new team member for the expanding Queensland market – Ken Parry. 

In addition, we are happy to announce a new development from Eagle Eye which is the “tinted” version. This is designed to deter seagulls as well as for use in areas where flashes from the original unit present a problem.  This issue of In Touch also includes news items about mosquito viruses. There is also a small feature on natures own pest management strategies.

Read on for more news from Pest IT for Autumn 2008. There is a great deal of information below in probably our largest newsletter to date.


ken parry

Pest IT is please to announce the appointment of Ken Parry as our Northern Technical Sales Representative.  Ken has extensive experience having been involved in the Sydney and Brisbane pest market for over a decade.  Ken has very strong expertise in commercial pest management and will play an integral part in the development of our products for bird, mosquito and commercial pest management.  Ken says “what initially excited me about Pest IT was their focus on the customer with both technical and marketing assistance and support.  That is truly valuable for those involved in small business. Having the best product for the job also makes it easier when you are helping clients with solutions”.

Ken has begun contacting clients in the South East Queensland area and is available on request to assist on site as needed.

Along with Peter McCarthy, Ken will be offering training to support new developments such as Eagle EyeTM, Mosquito SlayerPRO and Bird Barrier and will also facilitate the forthcoming training sessions for TERM-seal.

With our business growing throughout Queensland, Ken will be of great benefit to our clients and we welcome him to the team. Contact Ken Parry on 0420 936 227.


Pest IT is still searching for a dynamic person for our technical sales position in Sydney.  With the imminent launch of TERM-seal, someone with termite and pest management experience would be ideal. 

At Pest IT, we pride ourselves on our people – friendly, courteous, technical and always willing to help.  If you know of anyone within (or outside) of the pest industry, please let us know.  We are looking for people to fulfill the position of Technical Sales Representative. Duties will include a combination of office and field work including telemarketing, internal sales, trade shows, training, on-site client assistance and client visits.

For more information, contact Peter McCarthy on 0438 66 56 57.


TERM-seal is set to revolutionise your options in termite management - The Choice In YOURS

Late in 2007, Pest IT introduced a uniquely designed and economical range of termite penetration collars to the Australian market.  We can now reveal that these collars are an integral part of a system that is ideal for your pre- and post-construction termite strategy.

A visit to the TERM-seal link on our web site will reveal a range of skilfully crafted products that bring flexibility to your pre-construction plan, particularly for difficult construction areas.

Product such as Ura-Fen (0.2%Bifenthrin) expanding poly-urethane, TERM-seal Multi-purpose (0.1%Bifenthrin), TERM-seal Sealant (0.1%Bifenthrin) as well as the rest of the full TERM-seal range will give you a significant advantage over your competition.

The advantages in pre-construction include:

  • a systems that requires only one site visit (for the perimeter) saving on labour and travel expenses;
  • reduced materials cost for both pest managers and the builder meaning more work and more profit for you;
  • TERM-seal offers the flexibility to complete a termite and moisture barrier in all construction situations such as difficult circumstances such as split level homes, back-fill walls, retaining walls, basements, construction joints and corner joints to name a few;
  • TERM-seal is backed by a manufacturer’s product warranty and a 50 year life expectancy;
  • no capital outlay with the ready-to-use packs (Ura-Fen 19 Kg);
  • access to a specialised applicator to improve efficiency and profitability;

technically advanced, CSIRO appraised, complete termite and moisture barrier system in one.

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Active (Active constituent 0.2% Bifenthrin)

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Active is a two-component settable polyurethane foam designed for sealing gaps, fissures and cavities in buildings (new and existing) and other structures for the protection from termite attack. It contains 0.2% Bifenthrin when cured. When used to fill cavities it can be installed in conjunction with TERM-Seal Multi-Purpose Active and TERM-seal PRM Active in order to form a complete termite and water proof barrier.

The below pictures demonstrate the three stages of installing TERM-seal Ura-Fen (0.2% Bifenthrin as active constituent) as a termite cavity protection system.

termseal term seal termseal
TERM-seal Ura-Fen Active applied using the 19L dispensing pack, into the 85mm cavity of a new construction Within minutes, the Ura-Fen rises to the final height and sets. It is now ready for the final stages of the installation The installation is complete with a coat of TERM-Seal Multi-Purpose Active sealant and TERM-seal PRM Active brick cord strip

TERM-seal Ura-Fen has many uses as a termite barrier in both pre-construction and post-construction situations.

TERM-seal Ura-Fen is available for use in a handy ready-to-use dispensing pack or in 20 litre drums for use through a dispensing machine.

TERM-seal Ura-Fen Active can be applied to a full brick depth (90mm) shown below left, or with a minimum 40mm depth, when applied with a keeper strip on the right.

termseal termseal

TERM-seal Ura-Fen is the perfect termite proofing system for cavity perimeters in all types of slab construction.

We look forward to working closely with you and your pre- and post-construction termite business pursuits.

TERM-seal Penetration Collars:

termseal logo
  • Are easy to install
  • Excellent, economical price
  • Have a 15o angle that eliminates air bubbles under the collars
  • Designed with a smaller apron to reduce overlap and wastage
  • Tested and approved for use – AS3660.1
  • CSIRO appraised
  • Available in 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm and 100mm
  • Come in convenient pack size – 50 collars

Specially designed TERM-seal termite resistant sealant is also available to provide a moisture-proof gasket. To place an order or request more information, contact Pest IT on 1300 66 56 57.  We have a training and installation manual as well as MSDS (for the collars and sealant) available on request. Call now for pricing and immediate delivery.

For post-construction, you have an ideal “preventative” measure to use after baiting or dusting to offer a home long-term protection. And guess what – it involves no drilling or cutting concrete! A link to TERM-seal information has been added to our web site – see

With approximately 6 weeks before the launch of the complete TERM-seal Active range, we invite your expression of interest on this innovative, easy to install and cost effective termite barrier for new and existing buildings. Feel free to contact Pest IT on 1300 66 56 57 for details.  A comprehensive package of information including technical manuals, system appraisals, product labels and MSDS’s are available to authorised installers. Training will commence from April 2008 in capital cities and regional centers. To register your interest, please call 1300 66 56 57 to reserve a place.


af atomaf atom

After two years of research with Australian pest managers, Pest IT is proud to introduce the AF ATOM.

This is a new compact and “full featured” rat station now available from Killgerm. The AF Atom is the result of 24 months of consultation by Paul Hoyes, Technical Manager of Killgerm Chemicals with Australian and international pest managers as well as numerous designs and proto-types to ensure it’s success.

The unit has all the same features and construction material of the current AF Rat Box. This includes:

  • Removable lid for easy servicing
  • Heavy-duty, UV stabilised PVC construction
  • Vertical and horizontal bait pegs
  • Excellent draining and floor construction
  • Additional options – brush key, liquid drinker, snap trap, fixture/fitting range and glueboard
  • Great price

Additional advantages include single locking for easy maintenance and stackable design for reduced storage and transport.

The construction material is a key feature for Australian Pest Managers as new rat boxes turn up on the Australian market on a daily basis. Many of these have no track record under Australian UV conditions. The AF range is now in its fifth successful year of use in Australia with excellent weather, heat and UV tolerance.

Contact Pest IT on 1300 66 56 57 to place an order and experience the quality and performance yourself. Designed by experts for use by professionals.


The introduction of a new red “tinted” version of Eagle Eye offers unlimited opportunities

Eagle Eye has now been successful in deterring birds in over eighty sites across Australia since its introduction in mid 2007 – a great achievement for Pest IT and it’s clients. While proving very successful in deterring a very wide variety of pest bird species, one limitation to Eagle Eye is that the flashes may present issues in retail, office, transport and other more populated areas. The latest introduction is a red “tinted” version of Eagle Eye to compliment the range. The tinted cover eliminates the strong visible flashes while still deterring birds with various visible and invisible light spectrums.

Eagle Eye “red” unit has improved deterrence against seagulls such as local species, the Silver Gull - Larus novaehollandiae. This will ensure Eagle Eye “red” is suitable for use around boats, marinas, commercial roof areas and other areas where seagulls congregate. With many of the current systems used for sea gulls being dependent on fine wire grids or “roof top” netting systems, this new development from Eagle Eye will be a welcome relief.

For more information see


Our answer to rodent and insect management

While Pest IT’s head office is in Sydney, we also have an office in the hinterland of Northern NSW. It is said that things are done “a little differently” in the hills around Byron Bay, so we wanted to show you our latest development in local rat, mice and insect control. It is of course a carpet python, known affectionately as Lady Penelope. Penelope is 6 foot long and lives above the door of our office during the day and patrols the eaves and roof area of the night. We believe that she lives in the outer area of the eves because a larger python may be inhabiting the main roof area of our house! Either way, the mice and rat population is under serious threat by two quiet and cunning hunters.

The flying insect population also cops a hard time in this environment. Our Mosquito Slayer system is busy at work on the extensive local mosquito population and this is beautifully complemented by an army of tree frogs that line the office deck on rainy nights. Inside the office it’s business as usual and outside it’s a nature documentary 24 hours a day.

penelope rodents view frog
Lady Penelope at full stretch A close up “rodent Eye view” A resident Tree frog on the look out for its next meal

Pest management with no impact on the environment, no emissions (apart from small snake pooh pellets on the office step) and no insecticides. Do you think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something?


netting birds

We invite your submission to a soon to be published trade reference book

Last year, Pest IT’s Dr Sali Bache and Peter McCarthy were contracted by the University of NSW Press to publish a trade reference book on Bird Management. The book will highlight the biology and behaviour of pest birds in Australia, the problems and disease associated, legislation, solutions, techniques and case studies. This book will be an ideal reference for bird management professionals as well as those in need of solutions, such as members of government, food production, retail, military, commercial, agriculture and horticulture sectors.

While our writing continues till the end of this year, we ask for your submission to this exciting project. Examples of information and/or images needed include:

  • High quality photos and illustrations of pest bird species and situations;
  • High quality photos of successful bird management installations including before and after images for case studies;
  • Details of specific strategies, techniques and ideas relating to bird management, relocation, trapping, baiting, etc;
  • Historical information, data and photos relating to bird management of years gone by.

All information and images used will be appropriately acknowledged and referenced in the book. This will give us all a publication to be proud of to showcase the growing and strategic industry of bird management.


On the eve of the launch of Mosquito SlayerPRO, mosquito-borne viruses are very much in the news. Ross river virus alerts skyrocket during the late summer and early winter throughout Australia. Apart from an efficient tool such as Mosquito Slayer, pest managers should advise commercial and domestic clients to take all precautions and have a systematic approach to avoid mosquito bites. This includes avoiding outdoor activities at dusk, mosquito trapping, appropriate clothing and applying personal insect repellents.

Mosquito transmitted disease linked to climate change.

Doctors have warned of disastrous health outcomes over the next 10 years particularly among children and the elderly, unless greater action is taken on climate change”. A report released this week by Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) highlighted the link between mosquito transmitted disease increases and climate change. Dr Horton, co-author of the report said “Climate change is already a reality in our waiting rooms and surgeries and is set to be a key challenge for our health system over the coming decade.” (The Sun Herald, Sunday 4th April 2008). An extract from the report reads:

“There will be changes in the distribution and intensity of infectious diseases which are spread by insects such as mosquitos. Those of most relevance to Australia include Dengue fever, an outbreak of which occurred in Townsville between March and August 2007 causing 46 cases. During this century, the distribution of this disease, which until recently has been restricted to areas north of Broome, Katherine and Cairns, has the potential to extend much further south as far as New South Wales depending on how quickly we act to limit greenhouse gases.”

Dr Horton said rural, regional, remote and indigenous communities would be hardest hit, with increased incidences of allergic disease, food poisoning and mosquito-transmitted disease such as dengue fever and Ross River virus.

New Mosquito virus spread feared

Mosquito virus alerts are no longer limited to the usual suspects of Ross river virus and Dengue fever. A new problem being reported in 2008 in Australia is chikungunya virus. Its rapid spread in Asia and its potential introduction into Australia has health authorities very concerned.

An article from the Sydney Morning Herald earlier in the year reported that doctors have new concerns about the chikungunya virus following a spate of cases reported in Victoria. This mosquito-borne virus can cause extreme joint and muscle pain, headache, nausea, vomiting and extreme fatigue. Incapacitating joint pain, or arthritis, may last for weeks or months. There is no treatment, and the only way to avoid the disease is to avoid mosquito bites.

Reports say that last year the chikungunya virus swept across the Indian Ocean last year infecting more than a million people, with hundreds dying, not from the disease but from possible complications. The chikungunya virus had not been seen in Australia since 1989 until last year when doctors in Melbourne saw eight reported cases. All cases were in people who had recently been to the Indian Ocean region. There is a fear that more will be diagnosed as testing for it becomes more common.

Chikungunya is carried by two species of mosquito, Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus, both of which are found in Australia. Both species bite mainly during the day, in the early hours after dawn and for two to three hours before dusk. Albopictus is more active outdoors while aegypti typically feeds and rests more indoors.

Sydney Morning Herald, Kate Benson Medical Reporter, 12 January 2008


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