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Magnet Trap LogoIntroducing The Magnet Trap range

Collapsible, professional and heavy-duty vertebrate cage traps

The new Magnet Trap range includes the world-famous Myna Magnet that has been in use for the control of the Indian myna (Acridotheris tristis) in every corner of the Globe. The range has now expanded to include a variety of collapsible, professional grade vertebrate pest animal traps for control of feral cats, possums, mynas, starlings, pigeons, and foxes to name a few.

Following the innovations of the original Myna Magnet, the need arose for a smaller, more efficient and easy to handle myna trap. This trap is known as the Mini Myna Magnet. Further development was needed in response to government and non-government agencies requirements and landholders alike for an additional component in the baiting, shooting components of Integrated Pest Management.

The Magnet Trap Product List (index)

The Mini Myna Magnet

Code: 07-trap10

Mini Myna MagnetThe most widely used trap design in Australia today. The Mini Myna Magnet is collapsible, durable and a proven solution to this difficult to control species – the Indian myna and European starling. The trap includes all the welfare options you would expect from the original Myna Magnet such as feed and water dispensers and a solid roof. There are no sharp edges and includes a highly engineered 20-piece one-way valve. The collapsible design allows easy storage and transport after trapping is complete. Unlike home-made mesh traps; scratches, bird (and human) injury, rusty components and bird escapees are unlikely with the durable, well designed and quality manufactured Mini Myna Magnet.

Did you know … Indian Mynas are a member of the Starling family? They we released in Australia in the 1840’s and now inhabit Australia’s East Coast moving westward into rural areas. Their population increase prompted the IUCN Species Survival Commission to declare it one of the world's most invasive species and one of only three birds in the top 100 species that pose an impact to biodiversity.

Trap set includes:
Feed cage, holding cage, walk-in chambers, one way valve and springs, feed dishes, perch, assembly clips and full instructions (by download). The Magnet Trap CO2 Dispatching Kit sold separately.
400mm x 800mm x 800mm

The Pigeon Magnet Trap

Code: 07-trap11

Pigeon Magnet TrapFollowing in the footsteps of the successful Myna Magnet, the Pigeon Magnet is a durable, collapsible and commercial size trapping solution for reducing feral pigeon populations. This trap has successfully and humanely assisted facilities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia with the removal of this disease carrying species. Trapping pigeons is easy, safe, discrete and targeted with the Pigeon Magnet.

Did you know … Feral pigeons potentially carry diseases such as salmonella, toxoplasmosis, histoplasmosis, cryptococcosis, psittacosis (ornithosis) and numerous other bacteria’s and pathogens. The corrosive nature of pigeon droppings also damages building surfaces, creating substantial cleaning and maintenance issues for businesses.

Trap set includes:
Main trap, entry doors, perch, bird removal doors, solid roof, perch, assembly clips, and instructions. Food and water containers and the Magnet Trap CO2 Dispatching Kit sold separately.
450mm x 700mm x 700mm

The Magnet Trap CO2 Dispatching kit

Code: 07-trap9k

CO2 dispatching kitThe CO2 dispatching kit was designed to offer homeowners an alternative option to using Carbon Monoxide from car exhaust or other less desirable means to euthanase exotic pest birds. The Magnet Trap CO2 Dispatching Kit offers a safe, easy to use, fast, effective Option. Above all, this is a humane way to dispatch feral pest birds such as Indian mynas, pigeons and starlings.

Did you know … Trapping is the most appropriate way to reduce pest bird problems? Here is why:

Programs can be conducted at regular intervals – monthly, quarterly, annually

Trapping is targeted, therefore protected species caught can be released

Trapping is discreet (avoids mass bird kills from use of off label poisons)

Birds are provided shelter, food, water, roosting perches and care in the trap

Birds are dispatched ethically and humanely (by CO or CO2). With the cover provided, this can take place discreetly off-site.

Trap set includes:
Injector, valve, 3 x 25g CO2 cylinders and instructions (by download).
120mm x 100mm x 40mm

The Cat Magnet

Code: 07-trap15

Cat MagnetThe Cat Magnet is a medium sized, collapsible, live-capture trap used for feral cats which are growing in numbers throughout Australia’s cities, suburban and rural areas.

Did you know … Feral cats (Felis catus) have contributed to the rapid decline and the extinction of a variety of small mammals, birds and amphibians. Feral cats can carry infectious diseases such as toxoplasmosis which can be transmitted to native animals, domestic livestock and even humans.

The Cat Magnet Trap set includes:
Main trap, hinges, split pins and instructions (by download).
600mm x 300mm x 300mm

The Possum Magnet

Code: 07-trap12

Possum MagnetThe Possum Magnet is a medium sized, collapsible, live-capture trap used for removing and relocating possums from domestic and commercial roof spaces. Consult your local State legislation when dealing with native, protected species such as possums.

Did you know … in urban environments pest possums such as the common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) regularly inhabit domestic roof voids causing physical damage, excessive noise, smell and contamination with urine and droppings. Possums are protected species in Australia and anyone trapping these animals must check local legislation prior to commencing a trapping program.

The Possum Magnet Trap set includes:
Main trap, hinges, split pins and instructions (by download).
600mm x 300mm x 300mm

The Fox Magnet

Code: 07-trap14

Fox MagnetThe Fox Magnet is a large, collapsible, live-capture trap used for foxes and small wild dogs. Cage trapping offers government agencies, NGO’s and landholders an excellent Integrated Pest Management (IPM) alternative to shooting and poisoning, which is especially useful in suburban and regional townships.

Did you know … The European fox was introduced into Australia in the early 1870’s for recreational hunting purposes. Today in rural areas, foxes contribute to significant lamb losses ranging from 10 – 30% and potentially as high as 50%. An adult fox weighs between 5 – 7Kg and has become one of the most adaptable and successful predators of Australian native wildlife, farm and companion animals.

The Fox magnet Trap set includes:
Main trap, hinges, split pins and instructions (by download).
1050mm x 450mm x 370mm

Magnet Trap Replacement Parts

Storage bag smallSmall Storage Bag

Heavy duty storage bag for the Mini Myna Magnet Trap. This traps also suitable for the Cat Magnet and Possum Magnet


Storage bag largeLarge Storage Bag

A larger Heavy duty storage bag for the original Myna Magnet Trap.


Fuzzle Valve SpringsPack of 26 Fuzzle Valve Springs

Pack of Fuzzle Valve Springs to clip to the one-way valve (fuzzle valve) and the walk-in valves.


Replacement Feed DishMyna Magnet Feed Dish Set

Replacement feed dish set. Two plastic feed dishes.


Deluxe feed stationPigeon Magnet Deluxe Feed Station

Optional feed station can be used to commence ‘pre-feeding’ with the Pigeon Magnet. Can be transferred into the trap once in trapping mode.


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